Manage Your Threads with Task Arenas in TBB

Threading Building Blocks (TBB) includes a default task scheduler that works well but is somewhat limited. If you need more control over your thread scheduling, you can use a task arena. Jeff Cogswell shows you how it works. One of the C++ and parallel programming experts at Intel named Anton …

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Future Arrives with Robots, Spider Dresses, Intelligence Everywhere

Ultra-small cameras, microcontrollers, processors add robot-like abilities to everyday objects, Pong-like interactivity to real robots are all included in Intel’s vision of the future. And the future has arrived. It’s probably safe to say that very few people see the future arrive wrapped in a chitinous, 3D-printed skeleton dress topped …

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Installing and Running Intel Software Development Emulator

The Intel Software Development Emulator lets you test out code for instruction sets that aren’t available on your own processor. Jeff Cogswell shows you how to install and get started with it.

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Intel Bets Big on Custom Xeon Chips for Cloud Companies

The company says it expects that custom designs will be on half of the chips it sells to public clouds in 2015. The addition of FPGA to Xeon is designed to make standard chips customizable, too. The record revenue Intel reported for 2014 was driven largely by its emphasis on …

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Solving the N-Body Problem in Parallelism

A common problem in physics and science, the n-body problem requires huge amounts of calculations to solve—making it an excellent application for parallel programming. Jeff Cogswell discusses how a new book that tackles big problems with parallel coding helps solve n-body models as well. If you’re interested in taking your …

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