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Flower Power: Genes Reveal How Plants Survive Harsh Weather

Researchers say they’ve found evidence that genes that are sensitive to cold weather and droughts can help plants adjust to changes in climate and survive. These findings help scientists better understand how plants adapt and could one day be used to improve crops, according to a recent article on the …

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Parallel Power to the Programmer: Coding Course Leads the Way

As systems with multiple CPUS, each carrying multiple cores become increasingly popular for a large variety of workloads, organizations unsurprisingly want to take full advantage of each CPU and coprocessor that are part of the execution environment. Those who include Xeon Phi coprocessors as part of their infrastructure will be …

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How Vectorization Feeds Your Need for Speed

So, you’ve written a program but it’s data-intensive and you need more speed without forking out for a new computer? Maybe you’ve tried alternative algorithms, maxed out concurrency but still need more speed.  Could be it’s time to try vectorization. What is Vectorization? Vectorization is CPU hardware that can speed …

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Intel R&D Pact Aims to Speed Up Supercomputer Code

Intel extends its collaboration deal with Barcelona Supercomputing Center aimed at designing software able to run efficiently on tens of thousands of processor cores. Intel has extended its R&D effort with the Barcelona Supercomputer Center (BSC) to fund research into ways hardware and software of supercomputers can be tweaked to …

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Parallelizing Your Code with Advisor XE 2015

Jeff Cogswell takes on the N-Queens problem he introduced in the previous video and shows how the samples that ship with Parallel Studio implement a solution. He then takes this example into Parallel Advisor and tries out a place for parallelism.

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Holding Court with N-Queens Problem

The N-Queens problem is used in many of the Parallel Studio examples. But what exactly is it and how do you approach it in C++ code? Jeff Cogswell introduces this computer science problem and how it works.

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Intel Unites Competing Standards with Virtual Networks

Intel has put more weight behind the effort to build stable, open platforms that could make it more practical to build software-defined enterprise- and wide-area networks. On Feb. 12, Intel released version 1.2 of its Open Network Platform (ONP) Server reference architecture, which includes instructions and code to optimize industry-standard …

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Fine Tune Performance of Auto-Vectorized Loops

Many programmers take advantage of the automatic vectorization features of Xeon Phi coprocessors. However, as this paper by Andrey Vladimirov of Colfax International shows, taking advantage of some common fine-tuning techniques including strength reduction and data alignment can produce dramatic results. See how Colfax was able to improve coprocessor performance …

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Inside the Different Editions of Parallel Studio

Parallel Studio XE 2015 consists of three different editions that are comprised of several components with different names. Jeff Cogswell guides you through the components and shows you how to decide which edition is right for you.

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Performance, Power and Price: Get the Most Out of Xeon Phi

What is the relationship between price-performance and performance vs. power consumption? This Colfax International white paper written by Andrey Vladimirov takes a deep dive into parallel scalability, power and cost factors both with and without Xeon Phi coprocessors. The results are mapped for clusters vs. single devices, with a performance …

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