A Concise Guide to Parallel Programming Tools for Intel® Xeon® Processors Share your comment!

How do you pick the right programming models and tools that boost application performance? As microprocessors transition from clock speed as the primary vehicle for performance gains to features such as multiple cores, wider vectors and increasing vector instruction sets, it’s increasingly important for software developers to optimize their applications to fully utilize the inherent capabilities of the hardware. However, developers often don’t realize specialized tools are now available to help them fully utilize these capabilities.

This 8-page white paper explains the available hardware features, lists options for tools, describes each tool in more detail, and asks frank questions to help developers determine the right tool for their application. If you’re a programmer working in a C, C++ or Fortran environment and are willing to make a few code changes, read on to learn how companies large and small are experiencing outstanding improvements in their applications performance – by using Intel’s software tools.

Download paper here. (pdf)

Posted on February 15, 2013 by Intel®