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Been itching to get your hands into gesture-based computing? A key piece of the equation is now available. Intel recently announced public availability of its new The Creative* Interactive Gesture Camera Developer Kit. The $149 camera is a small, light-weight, USB-powered device optimized for close-range interactivity.  Designed for ease of setup and portability, it includes an HD webcam, depth sensor and built-in dual-array microphones for capturing and recognizing voice, gestures and images.  Paired with the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK Beta 2013 unveiled last October, the camera lets developers  create the next generation of natural, immersive, innovative software applications that incorporate close-range hand tracking, speech recognition, face analysis and 2D/3D object tracking on Intel Core ™ processor-powered Ultrabook™ devices, laptops and PCs. Check it out and buy here

To see demos of perceptual computing:

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Posted on February 1, 2013 by Intel®