New Rugged High-Performance Computer Unveiled Share your comment!

Themis Computer has released a new high performance computer designed for military, commercial or industrial use in high-performance environments where server size, weight and power (SWAP) is severely limited.

The new RES-NT2 high-performance computer features two Intel E5 5600 series, four, six or eight core Xeon processors and is designed to incorporate superior resilience to environmental extremes that include shock, vibration, and temperature extremes to keep mission-critical applications available.  It is also designed to excel with graphics virtualization and high-performance signal and image processing.

“By combining Themis’ DoD-ready server technology with NVIDIA Tesla Kepler GPUs, computing performance is increased and applications accelerated by one of the fastest, most efficient HPC architecture ever built,” said Bill Kehret, CEO of Themis. “Hardware support for virtualization of the GPU enables the data center manager to deliver graphics-rich solutions to virtual users for the first time. Equally important, these platforms support best-of-breed open architecture tools and math/signal processing libraries, preserving our customer’s investment in application development.”

Posted on September 27, 2013 by David Weldon, Contributing Editor, Slashdot Media