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All great science-fiction series, such as Star Trek*, Star Wars*, and Dr. Who*, have imagined rapid, accurate machine translation (MT) to smooth over cultural differences.

Intel has been experimenting with “real-time” MT within the community threads, which is leading to even richer dialogue. Libraries of white papers and piles of technical documentation all vie for attention, and much of that information is already translated for the global users.

But that’s old-school thinking—today’s developers want to take advantage of social networking to find the answers to their technical questions.

The trend today is for users to log on to support sites and attempt to “self-help” by finding answers on their own or from trusted members of their community. That’s where many younger developers are most comfortable, and where real-time machine translation could offer the biggest promise.

 Machine translation in vibrant Intel community forums could have these benefits:

  • Improve the way Intel connects and empowers employees and customers online
  • Reduce or avoid additional support costs
  • Increase Intel’s reach to new customers by overcoming language barriers
  • Make the online support environment more collaborative and easier to use
  • Add value across the corporation wherever multi-lingual collaboration is required

Want more? Read the entire piece here.

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Posted on January 7, 2013 by Dominic Milano, Intel®