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Intel Fuels Wave Of Training To Stave Off Data Scientist Shortage

Focus on AI, Machine Learning application development yields base for next generation of data scientists The shortage of data scientists that was “becoming a serious constraint” according to a 2012 article in Harvard Business Review, never became a major crisis largely due to the explosive growth in data-science training during the time since. A rush […]

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Princeton and Intel Collaborate on Mind-Reading Brain Research Software

If real-time mind reading from brain scans sound like science fiction, read on. It’s already science fact. Princeton University and Intel researchers are making progress in their ongoing two-year effort to build and improve software that attempts to read people’s minds in real time. Neuroscientists and computer scientists from the two organizations have used high-performance […]

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Models, Frameworks Accelerate Deep Learning for Enterprise Big Data

Deep Learning is the cutting edge of AI, but proven data and deployment models and available frameworks make it a solid practical choice for advanced analytics Deep learning techniques are advancing artificial-intelligence based analytics far enough that a team of researchers at MIT has succeeded in getting a computer to predict the future. In December, […]

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Millisecond Analysis of 1.2B Taxi Rides Show Xeon Phi’s Big Data, IoT Power

High-speed, high-end financial analytics database vendor sucks 200GB of taxi data into high-performing memory, spits out query results in milliseconds that would take minutes on traditional big-data hardware At a recent supercomputing conference, high-end financial-industry analytics vendor Kx Systems was able to get responses back in milliseconds from queries on a database with records of […]

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Intel Releases BigDL Deep Learning Framework

Accelerated Big Data code development, performance for Apache Spark Intel has unveiled BigDL, an open-source deep learning library for Apache Spark. It allows users to write their deep learning applications as standard Spark programs, which can run on top of existing Spark or Hadoop clusters, the company says. The BigDL framework is available on GitHub. […]

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Intel, Broad Institute Aim to Streamline Effort of Analytics in Genomic Research

Sequencing the DNA of one million people will create datasets of unprecedented size; Intel, Broad add AI, improved analytics, reference architectures, cloud infrastructure to help carry the load   Intel Corp. and the Broad Institute have announced a five-year, $25 million collaboration designed to help researchers work more conveniently and efficiently with data sets that […]

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Open-source Telemetry Platform Gives Staples Near-Real-Time eCommerce Analytics

Intel’s Open-Source Snap platform can automate management, security and lifecycle management of cloud assets Intel corp. has announced the shipment of release 1.0 of Snap, the datacenter telemetry framework announced in December that Intel predicted would be a key step toward the automated management, security and lifecycle management of cloud-based IT assets. Snap is a […]

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NSF Awards $11 Million To Bolster Regional Big Data Research

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded $11 million to help launch ten Big Data research projects across the country. A year ago in November, the NSF funded the creation of four Big Data Regional Innovation Hubs in the Northeast, Midwest, South and West. The goal of the hubs is to facilitate research and innovation […]

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Analytics, Food Science Expand Knowledge of Processed Foods Ingredients

Technology akin to personalized medicine tests the makeup and hygiene of manufactured foods for regulators and consumers, says Slashdot Media Contributing Editor John O’Donnell Ever wonder what’s in a hot dog? And, did you ever think that bit of morbid curiosity would drive significant investment in development of practical genomic analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence […]

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Getting Started with the R Language – Part 4

This is the fourth part in a series about getting started with the R language. It is a beautiful language for loading, manipulating, and dealing with data. In the last blog (link here) I talked about loading data from .CSV and tab delimited files. In this blog we will take a look at performing calculations […]

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