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The Tenets of Code Modernization

Code modernization starts with taking advantage of the resources that are available to an application. The easiest way to modernize is by attempting to parallelize sections, since multiple processors or cores can greatly speed execution time if you parallelize your code. This presentation gets you started.

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Code Modernization: Key to Unleashing Performance

Using OpenMP and compiler tools to enable threading and parallelism Today’s multiprocessor and high-performance systems utilize more cores than ever to lend power to today’s demanding applications. However, much of the code we use was developed for a single thread and single CPU core. In this blog post, Slashdot Media Contributing Editor Rick Leinecker demonstrates […]

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Intel Paves Path for Next-Gen Supercomputer Coders

Intel has launched the Intel Modern Code Developer Community to educate and encourage software programmers to optimize their code for parallel computing. Intel’s effort provides tools, training and support to developers and partners that are focused on high-performance computing (HPC), the company announced last week at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) in Frankfurt, Germany. The […]

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Modernize Your C++ Code

Many software developers are faced with having to update their original code at one time or another. On two occasions in my life I’ve had to revisit code I wrote a few years earlier. The first was in 1996 for code I developed during 1989-1990. The second time was in 2013 for a major piece […]

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