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New Deep Learning SDK from Intel: Open-Source Framework and Tools Boost AI

Deep Learning (DL) is the hottest thing in AI; now Intel offers tools to enable HPC and big-data users to reap the benefits DL offers. Intel has released a series of tools and frameworks designed to make it easier for organizations to expand their use of deep-learning techniques for everything from advanced analytics to voice-response […]

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Intel Open-Sources Framework for Hyperscale SDI in Traditional Datacenters

Rack Scale Design turns traditional racks into super-configurable, super-efficient cloud platforms using open-source spec supported by DMTF

Intel’s decision to open-source its Rack Scale Design framework may help drive efficiency up at thousands of data centers, according to this blog by Slashdot Media Contributing Editor John O’Donnell

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Managing an Open Source Library

So you want to set up your own open source library. Or maybe you’ve found one that’s abandoned (i.e. had no updates in months or years) and is worth taking over. Sounds great. But before you start coding you need to think things through. Here are a few questions. Can you commit enough of your […]

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