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Getting Started with PyDAAL on Linux

Data mining and machine learning are just two of the in-high-demand functions that PyDAAL can ease coding for. Read this blog by David Bolton to learn how to get started. The package PyDAAL is Intel’s Data Analytics Acceleration Library (DAAL) for python and provides interfaces to it. DAAL provides building blocks for data management, data […]

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Threading in Python: Beating Moore’s Law

Threading in Python Herb Sutter of C++ fame wrote in 2005 that the end was in sight for single core CPUs keeping up with Moore’s Law. The way forward was multiple cores and concurrency, i.e. doing multiple things at the same time. If you have multiple systems or even multiple CPUs in a system then […]

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Here’s What’s New in Python 3.6

Late December release offers host of new features Now in its 25th year, there should be a new release ( Python 3.6 ) shortly after you read this, just five months since 3.5.2 was released. Python releases are planned and executed over a period of usually about a year or two. Work on Python 3.6 […]

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Profiling Python Code with Intel Vtune Amplifier

Even experienced Python programmers fall into coding traps once in a while. To help find out what’s really going on, watch this video where Intel’s Lead Technical Consulting Engineer Kevin O’Leary provides a hands-on demo showing how to use Intel VTune Amplifier to find hot spots in Python code that are causing issues. VTune pinpoints […]

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Intel Python… and some Lesser Known Packages

Beyond NumPy and SciPy, library packages that deliver useful functions Intel Python comes with approximately 95 of the Anaconda packages compared to the 700 available with Anaconda. If you install the full Anaconda you get 150 packages and the rest can be installed using conda. If you want to see what packages are installed by […]

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Functional Programming in Python – Tutorial Video Shows How

Video tutorial puts Python through some of its functional paces In this companion to his recent blog, Slashdot Media Contributing Editor David Bolton demonstrates how Python can be used for functional tasks including iterators, list comprehension and generators. You can see David’s companion blog article here!

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Functional Programming in Python

Python is not a strict functional programming (fp) language in the sense that say Haskell is. Python includes functional programming though as well as object-oriented and imperative (aka procedural). But it’s the functional programming aspects that I’ll be looking at here. What is Functional Programming? There are several facets to functional programming. The well-known one […]

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Python, Pattern, Program! Machine Learning for Multiprocessing Simplified

Using “Pattern” Library with Python2 to speed coding of machine learning apps

In the third installment of his Machine Learning series, Slashdot Media Contributing Editor David Bolton takes a look at the “Pattern” library from U. Antwerp, designed to accelerate development of machine learning applications for multiprocessor environments

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Machine Learning with “Pattern” for Python

Open Source web-mining module from University of Antwerp speeds data mining, network analysis, natural language processing

With a continued focus on machine learning, Slashdot Media Contributing Editor David Bolton blogs about a new tool from Belgian researchers aptly called Pattern, and how to use it to enhance your Python code

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Deep Learning with Python TensorFlow

Revealing hidden patterns as part of machine learning systems

Using artificial neural networks, Deep Learning aims to yield ‘artificial intelligence-like’ results by finding hidden patterns, as demonstrated in this blog by Slashdot Media Contributing Editor David Bolton

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